World’s Largest Food Fight Turns Darker

It was messy fun, but that didn’t keep thousands from flocking to the tiny Valencian town of Buñol in Spain.   Even with all the mess, these revelers enjoyed throwing around about 100 tons of food at each other.  Tomatoes to be exact.  But unlike years past, this year’s  La Tomatina had many worried about what might go wrong.


The annual event is called La Tomatina and the weapon of choice was tomatoes.  The celebration occurs on the last Wednesday of August each year.  The town of Buñol is in the eastern part of Spain and about 19 miles from the Mediterranean.

A darker cloud hung over the event this year, unlike the happy go lucky days of the past.  With such a large crowd celebrating the fear of a terrorist attack weighed heavy on everyone’s mind.   The recent terrorist attacks in Spain had everyone on edge for this year’s La Tomatina.   But authorities felt that with increased security La Tomatina should proceed as planned.

The massive event is going ahead as planned despite the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cabrils and Spain’s Level 4 terrorist alert which involves close scrutiny of all public events which attract huge crowds.

Stringent security was in place before, during, and after La Tomatina in order to protect the 22,000 paying competitors expected along with thousands of more spectators.

The hour long La Tomatina event went off with only minor hiccups.


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