The Age We Are Most Happy

So what is that perfect age where we are happiest?  Happiness, when life is going well and everything seems to fit perfectly or at least as well as perfectly possible.  The answer is that there isn’t a perfect age but more of a range of ages.  It actually looks more like an inverted bell curve.


It seems we are most happy about the time we are getting out of high school and into our late teens.  Then it is all down hill from there.   The lowest point of not being happy is in the 50’s.   Those ages, between 19 and 55, coincide with the working years.


It would seem that a rigid responsibility like attending high school or more exactly leaving high school and the freedom of college is a happiness peak.  Likewise being in your mid 50’s you are looking forward to freedom yet again.  The unhappiest periods seems to be the years between the ages of 19 and 55.

It’s the period of having and raising children (which most people love doing).


But there’s the stress of paying the bills, having enough time with the family, and preparing for the future.  Whether that future is paying for a child’s college or having enough money for retirement.  And let us not forget those long hours at work during those working years.


So if you are feeling a little unhappy these days look at the brighter side.   Once you hit your mid 50’s you be back on the upswing for happiness.


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