Professor: Houston Victims Deserved Destruction from Hurricane Harvey

It’s hard to imagine anyone blaming the people of Texas for the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  But this Tampa Florida professor did just that.  Professor Ken Story believes the bad karma that has left 13 dead following Hurricane Harvey landfall and the torrential rain the ensued afterward were well deserved.  Professor Story thinks this because the state of Texas supported the GOP in the 2016 presidential election.


A follower of Storey tried getting him to change his harsh statement by saying that there are a lot of ‘good’ people in Texas suffering from Hurricane Harvey’s after effects. However, the professor would not hear of how good people in Texas were hurt.  Professor Storey actually tried putting some of the blame on said ‘good’ people of Texas.


Ken believes that the ‘good’ people of Texas, who are suffering, didn’t do enough to keep the then candidate Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Thousands of homes in Houston are still under water.

The good news here is that Professor Ken Story is no longer employed as a professor at the University.   Also, Ken’s twitter account apparently has been shut down.




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