This Woman Could Soon Make History

She is part of an all-female sailing team attempting to sail around the world in about a seven months journey.


What makes this all-female team so unique is that, if  successful, it will be the first all-women sailing team from India to sail around the world.


Not to worry, the entire team is made up of female officers in the Indian Navy.  The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi met with six member sailing team recently.


“INSV Tarini is a 55-foot sailing vessel, which has been built indigenously, and was inducted in the Indian Navy earlier this year,” the statement said.

The journey will begin in September and end in March 2018.


Between the four land stops what will the women do to keep themselves from getting bored?

“We will carry all sources of entertainment with us, books and DVDs to keep us occupied,” said Lt Cdr Joshi on ways to fight boredom on the high seas during the eight-month-long journey.

…the voyage will begin from Goa and will be covered in five legs, with stop overs at four ports — Fremantle (Australia), Lyttelton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands) and Cape Town (South Africa).


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