Making Money Off Your Pets


Do you have an adorable pet that you would like to put to work and earn some much needed cash?

How is this so you ask?  It’s workable if you know how to work social media these days.


An exciting and fun way to make money off of your pet is to post images of them on Instagram.

The surprising job opportunities will take a little effort on your part though to build up millions upon millions of followers.  Just check out this Pomeranian who has over 6 million followers.


Add even more bucks if your little cute critter can perform in front of the camera.  Oh SNAP.

There are a few guidelines when training your pet to be an entrepreneur.

  1. Stick to your brand
    1. Make sure all your photos have a ‘similar’ theme
    2. Describe your pet in two or three words and stick with it
  2. The 20,000 followers mark
    1. That’s about when you can start making money
    2. Don’t give into temptation to trade free stuff for your brand building
  3. Post
    1. Should be frequent
    2. Use hashtags
  4. Pets
    1. Do not have to be dogs or cats only
    2. It’s if your pets make followers ‘feel’ good

So just how much cash can your famous pet make?  A sponsored photo (pet and product) can fetch several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.





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