How to Buy Happiness

The old saying “Money can’t buy happiness” may be a big fat lie.   The key here is when you buy ‘things’ to try to make yourself happy it doesn’t work.  What you need to do is buy ‘convenience’ to make your life easier and free up time for yourself.

In other words, your goal is to buy time according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Using large, diverse samples from the United States, Canada, Denmark, and The Netherlands (n = 6,271), we show that individuals who spend money on time-saving services report greater life satisfaction.

So buying time-saving opportunities like house cleaning, food delivery services would make a person happier according to the study.   The temporary fix of buying ‘things’ has little or no impact on happiness.


This study suggests that with increasing earnings comes an increasing feeling of ‘Time Stress’.  Symptoms of Time Stress include:

  • lower well-being
  • reduced happiness
  • increased anxiety
  • increased insomnia

“Contemplating paying somebody else to do something you’re perfectly capable of doing yourself may provoke feelings of guilt,” says Elizabeth Dunn, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and an author of the study.

But according to Dunn’s study, those who spent money to save time was much happier than those who did not.


So ahead and spend money to get time-saving help when it comes household chores like cleaning, shopping, and cooking.  It’ll make you much happier.


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