Stephen King Just Blocked Who on Twitter?

Furthermore the King of horror storytelling says he will block that same person from seeing his movie ‘IT’ (out in September) or ‘Mr. Mercedes’ (currently on television).

So who was blocked from seeing his movie and television show?  None other than President Donald Trump.

King specifically tweeted President Trump “No clown for you.”

King went on to tell the POTUS to “Go float yourself” which is a phrase from Stephen King’s upcoming horror movie ‘IT.’  From the ‘IT’ previews it sounds like when someone drowns.

Oddly, the other premise of Kings television series seems to relate to recent events.

“Mr. Mercedes” is about a killer who drives a stolen Mercedes into a crowd. The series began airing earlier this month on the Audience network.

So what caused King to block President Trump?  It was to get back at Trump for blocking King this summer.  I’m glad we can all be adults about this now.


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