Man Plays Saxophone During Brain Surgery

When 25-year-old Dan Fabbio stopped being able to hear music in stereo he had no idea it was due to a brain tumor.  And being a professional musician and teacher the last thing Dan wanted was brain surgery.


And as fate would have it the tumor was located in the area of sophisticated listening and creating music in the brain.


After explaining to doctors how important music was to Dan they began mapping the area of his brain using an MRI.

The goal was to have an awake brain mapping session in the operating room.  Using the MRI a mapping millimeter by millimeter could be determined for areas of Dan’s brain that interacted with music.

As a final part of the operation doctors had Dan play the saxophone while his brain was exposed from surgery to see if all was well.


A year after surgery Dan feels he is as good a musician as he was prior to surgery.  Also Dan no longer has any seizures.


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