Rape Victim Goes to Jail?

Twenty-five-year-old Jemma Beale says she was raped by nine men and sexually assaulted by another six.  

But prosecutors have a different perspective.

“The prosecution described your life as a ‘construct of bogus victimhood’.”

Apparently Beale was a pretty great liar because one man actually was jailed for seven years.  

A judge described Beale as an excellent liar.

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith told Beale, who was in a relationship with a woman: “This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim.

Whatever the reason for Serial-liar Beale she’ll have plenty of free time to think about all the harm she caused these men.  Beale will spend 10 years behind bars.

Aside from the police manpower (6,400 hours) to investigate Beale’s rape claims there’s the cost for those hours.

Beale’s lies at a cost of at least £250,000, and the trial cost at least £109,000.


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