Has Customer Satisfaction Gone too Far?

When a retail customer (The Mother) is teaching her children how to lie and basically steal jeans for school has customer satisfaction gone too far?


It’s cutthroat competition for retailers.  They’re afraid of making anyone unhappy.  But when a mother teaches her children to lie in order to steel is that going too far?


Are ‘these’ types of parents raising a bunch of brats?  Here’s what happened.  A mom said her son got two pairs of jeans for his birthday from his grandmother.  She said he never wore them but the tags were gone.


Well needless to say his jeans were washed and it was clear to see.  The mother stood there lying to exchange the jeans for ‘new’ ones!  The grandma was there too.  So was his little sister.  The store had another satisfied customer but it allowed the customer to walk all over them.

Do you think it is good or bad that a mother teaches her young children how to steal new jeans?



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  1. So when the son is 16 and steals a car, cause hey, he sees it, he likes it, and Mom taught him it was OK to steal, who goes to jail, the boy or the Mom? Shouldn’t the Mom go to jail for teaching him to steal? What say you?


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