Baby dolphin and mum saved after becoming stranded on Angus beach

A baby dolphin and its mother have been saved after being found stranded on the sands of an Angus military base.

Animal rescuers were called to the Barry Buddon Training Area after the mammals were found some distance apart at the site on Thursday at about 8am.

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After a long rescue operation the dolphins were successfully conveyed back to the water.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) were on the scene and were said to have been assisted by the military.

BDMLR’s national coordinator Julia Cable said: “An adult female dolphin was reported live stranded at about 8am this morning. It was right up at the high-up end of the beach.

“We tried to re-float the adult dolphin once. That wasn’t successful.

“We had  a team of trained marine mammal medics.

“They stabilised its breathing and got its stress levels down.

“Shortly afterwards a dolphin calf was found stranded, which was likely the calf of the female dolphin.

“We re-floated it close to where the female was eventually successfully re-floated.

“We’ve got people monitoring the beach to make sure they don’t come back.”

The UK Coastguard were also on the scene.

The military are said to have used a four-wheel drive vehicle to help bring the animals closer to the shore.

It comes more than a year after a 45ft sperm whale washed up on the sands of Barry Buddon.

The dead whale at Barry Buddon beach.
The whale on the beach at Barry Buddon.

The huge creature washed up dead on the Angus beach on March 21 2018.

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